Live & Work in Oslo

Oslo is one of the fastest growing capitals in Europe. The city region constantly seeks entrepreneurial, educated and experienced people from all over the world to come work and live here.

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↳ Why Oslo: Student reception at Oslo City Hall
Oslo Business Region
↳ The Oslo seafront area
Norway is experiencing some seriously big changes. We are rapidly branching out into a technology and knowledge based economy with a strong green profile – a big shift for a country with an economy dominated by oil and gas. Oslo is a key site for these changes – and our business and startup ecosystem is flourishing.

Gaining the most to win are the innovators, entrepreneurs and investors prepared to embrace change and adapt to the new realities that characterise the 21st century: the continuing importance of technological innovation, climate friendly solutions and entrepreneurship. In the past few years Oslo has also become home to a range of exciting and ambitious new businesses and startups, accelerators, entrepreneurial programmes and co-working spaces.

Music Festival Visit Oslo Sadan Ekdemir
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Why Oslo?
If you are interested in moving to Oslo, here are some reasons to seriously consider.
Oslo Science Park03
↳ Credit: Oslo Science Park
Vippa2 Oslo Region Alliance
↳ The food court Vippa is on the waterfront of Oslo
Oslo Innovation Week Damian Heinisch26
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Discover Oslo
Oslo has easy access to nature as well as amazing food, nightlife and cultural events. In the summer you can bring your friends to music festivals like Øya and Oslo Jazz Festival or the Ekeberg sculpture park (image). In the winter, you can go skiing or visit one of the many museums. All year around low-key food options are available at cool foodcourts and bars, or check out fine dining places like Hot Shop and Maaemo.
Joao lino expat
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My expat arrival - João Lino
One of the latest additions to the fast-growing Inspera team in Oslo is João Lino, who recently joined from Portugal. Inspera is a Norwegian edtech company. They currently have 110 employees, of which 60 per cent are international.
Oslo Stateof The City2020
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A top-tier city
For us living in the city, the evidence of the changes is everywhere. Over only a few years, technology and entrepreneurial networking events, pitching contests, culture boom, shared co-working spaces for startups and tech-centred businesses have become commonplace all over the city.
Icon globe Oslo Talent Attraction Program
Are you working with international talent attraction?
Innovation and tech companies in Oslo lack skilled competence, and the competition between companies, cities and regions is high. Access and retention of talent are key challenges for economic develop and growth. 

Partner up with us

We collaborate with organizations, growth companies and startup hubs in Oslo working with international profiling and talent attraction. Together we organise international campaigns, host events and meetings places, facilitate for collaboration and access to networks, and develope digital information and tools.

Get in touch if you are a growth company, organisation or startup hub (an incubator, accelerator or co-working space) working on attracting international skilled workers to Oslo.