Why Oslo?

Music Festival Visit Oslo Sadan Ekdemir

Published by Oslo Business Region, 31 August 2020

Our city offers easy access to nature, business opportunities, food and culture. Photo: Sadan Ekdemir

If you are interested in moving to Oslo, here are some reasons to seriously consider:

  • In Oslo you have easy access to nature as well as business networks, world class dining and 5000 live performances every year.
  • Oslo is Norway’s main hub for national and international travel. Over 100 international flights depart and arrive at OSL Gardemoen daily. Oslo is also easy to reach by boat, train and bus.
  • Oslo is small enough to give people, companies and ideas visibility. And powerful enough to be a springboard for growth.
  • The city has experienced a significant 30% population increase in the past 20 years, from about 507 000 inhabitants in the year 2000.
  • Oslo is a multicultural city – 33% of the city’s population are born outside Norway or have at least one parent born outside Norway.
  • Norway’s capital offers many academic opportunities, including two prestigious institutions – the University of Oslo, the largest and oldest in the country, which is ranked among the world’s top 150, and BI Norwegian Business School.
  • In Oslo you will find world class business environments such as Oslo Cancer Cluster and Oslo Science Park.
Thomas bjornstad DB3 J g Q Ku TI unsplash
↳ Image: Thomas Bjornstad