Recap: Speedfriending Afterwork s01e02

April Speedfriending Afterwork020

Published by Oslo Business Region, 21 April 2022

The second episode of our pilot project Speedfriending Afterwork was hosted on 6 April and this time the meeting point and collab was Oslo Science Park (Forskningsparken).

Once again, the room was busy! Over 90 attendees, from developers, consultants, founders, researchers and freelancers joined the 2-hour game of quick 7-minute rounds of ice-breaking questions.

The goal of the event is to meet and connect with entrepreneurs and young professionals, developers and designers, international and locals for a fun social evening. It is a collaboration between Oslo Business Region, startup Speedfriending, and the Oslo startup community.

Check out some photos of the event here (photo credits: Angelique Culvin Riccot):

April Speedfriending Afterwork065
April Speedfriending Afterwork030
April Speedfriending Afterwork105
April Speedfriending Afterwork100
April Speedfriending Afterwork095
April Speedfriending Afterwork016