We support a Norwegian Startup Visa

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Published by Oslo Business Region, 21 February 2022

Copenhagen, Berlin, Shanghai or Oslo - where would you choose to build your business?

Oslo Business Region supports the initiative (Høringsinnspill) from NVCA - supported by many individuals, organizations and companies - that has been sent to the trade and business committee at Stortinget (Næringskomiteen). In short, it makes it easier for founders, investors and skilled workers from countries outside of the EEA to work in, set up and build their business in Norway.

Global competition for talent and investments

Norway is competing with other countries and regions for skilled workers, investments and startup talent on a global scale. It’s a fierce competition, and we have to do everything we can to make it easier for talent and businesses to choose Oslo.

A huge demand for skilled workers

Norwegian startups and scaleups depend on it, and we need more growth companies to create jobs, value for society and innovative solutions to support the green shift. As many as two out of three growth companies say that they have trouble recruiting skilled labor.

Most other countries have startup visas, and we should do everything we can to even be on the shortlist of places to go. Right now Norway is not the first choice.

Read more about the initiative here and if you also support - please share in your channels

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