Oslo's Startup Ecosystem

In the past few years, the startup community in Oslo has skyrocketed. A wave of Oslo-born companies have entered local and international markets much thanks to the ecosystem surrounding them. Collaboration is our way of competing, and various startup and innovation hubs are available for new and established entrepreneurs all over Oslo. Photo: Gorm K. Gaare
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What is the Oslo Startup Ecosystem?
To foster startups, companies that will create jobs in the future, a city needs a viable startup ecosystem. Ideas, capital, infrastructure, customers that all support new ideas to emerge. Let's take a look.
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Choose from over 50 professional startup communities in Oslo
The city can offer more than 50 physical startup hubs where you can develop your business. But which one is the best fit for you? We've asked them to introduce themselves so that you can find your perfect match!
There are many active people and companies in the Oslo Startup Ecosystem such as investors and industry organisations. All of them are enthusiastic about entrepreneurship and do significant work in and with the community.
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Education & Research Capital
Oslo has a highly educated and skilled population, much fuelled by free access to quality public education for all. The Oslo region also has a number of facilities conducting highly relevant research for businesses and the public sector.

Partner up with us

We collaborate with all the startup, investor and innovation hubs in Oslo to accelerate growth and successful startups. Together we organise events and meeting places, deliver reports on international markets and business opportunities, offer access to networks and connect actors in the region and internationally.

Are you a hub, an incubator, accelerator, co-working space or professional network or event? Are you new to the city or have a project you would like to collaborate on? Get in touch with us. You'll find contact info to all our team members on our About Us site.