Oslo's Startup Ecosystem

In the past few years, the startup community in Oslo has skyrocketed. An army of Oslo-born companies have entered local and international markets much thanks to the ecosystem surrounding them. Collaboration is our way of competing, and various startup and innovation hubs are available for new and established entrepreneurs all over Oslo.

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Choose from over 50 professional startup communities in Oslo
Oslo is the capital city, and the vast majority of Norway’s startup activities happen in the Oslo region. The city can offer more than 50 physical startup hubs where you can develop your business and investor activity towards startups has been growing rapidly the last five years.
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Education & Research Capital
Oslo has a highly educated and skilled population, much fuelled by free access to quality public education for all. The Oslo region also has a number of facilities conducting highly relevant research for businesses and the public sector.
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Full steam ahead at Aleap
Aleap - the health tech co-working space in Oslo Science Park - is the largest innovation community in the Nordics that is 100% dedicated to health care. We checked in with community coordinator Hailey Hall to get a proper update.
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Hello Tøyen Startup Village
Tøyen Startup Village joined the Oslo startup hub ”family” in 2016 – a unique public-private partnership in the middle of Tøyen, with co-working, event space and a Work Bar on the ground level of Tøyen Torg. As of March 2020 the office space is no longer run as a co-working community by Tøyen Startup Village. The Work Bar on the square is still a very popular place to work or just hang out for entrepreneurs, students and locals alike. And there are news to share! We had a chat with Philip Skopakov, who could give us an update.

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We collaborate with all the startup, investor and innovation hubs in Oslo to accelerate growth and successful companies. Together we organise events and meeting places, deliver reports on international markets or business opportunities, offer access to networks, and facilitate for collaboration between the hubs in the region and internationally.

Get in touch if you are a hub (an incubator, accelerator, co-working space or professional network or event) and new to the city or have a project you would like to collaborate on. You'll find contact info to all our team members on our About site.