Education & Research Capital

Oslo Science Park05

Published by Oslo Business Region, 01 September 2020


Oslo has a highly educated and skilled population, much fuelled by free access to quality public education for all. In 2019, 35.8% of the Norwegian population aged 19-24 were in higher education. The Oslo region, with its 3 universities, 1 business school and more than 15 higher education institutions in total, is home to many of these students - the University of Oslo being the largest with near 30 000 students. Entrepreneurship, technology and digital programs are becoming increasingly popular, feeding a need for talent in the growing startup ecosystem.

Research & Development

The Oslo region also has a number of research facilities conducting research that is highly relevant for businesses and the public sector. The Norwegian government is very committed to research and development activity, and the total spending amounted to nearly NOK 64 billion in 2016, equivalent to 2,03% of the GDP. 46% of this expenditure came from public funding. The main areas for this activity are trade and industry (46%), academia/higher education (33%), and the research institute sector (19%). More than 80 000 people were employed in R&D - related activities in the same year, of which 68% were scientists.