Starting & Scaling up

Are you thinking about starting a business, or are you a growth company expanding into international markets? On this site we offer basic info on how to start a company, links to relevant networks, hubs and events and info on growth and opportunities to help you succeed. Through our physical and digital meeting places we offer international networks, knowledge and inspiration.

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Do you need basic startup help?
You have your idea - we help you getting started in just a few steps.
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Do you need office space?
The city can offer incubators, co-working spaces, accelerators, industry clusters and meet-ups where you can develop your business. These provide expertise and networks within ocean, social impact, fintech, smart city, creative industries and life science.

This is how Oslo Business Region can help you when starting up and scaling your business

Early phase startup / starting up

  • Digital information on our website and social media channels
  • An overview of relevant actors such as accelerators and incubators, investors and other institutions that can support you in starting a business
  • An overview of relevant offers such as digital tools and events that can support you in starting a business
  • Covid-19 advisory and information
  • Physical and digital events and projects

Growth phase startup

The last 10 years, the startup community in Oslo has emerged from nothing to foster international growth companies such as Kahoot!, Spacemaker, Otovo and No Isolation.
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Do you need funding?
Read about some of the options available to get you started. Choosing the best way will help you meet your goals and your obligations.
Oslo Startup Day 2
Icon globe Events
Our startup events
Twice a month we organize startup events, where you can learn about relevant topics and meet other entrepreneurs and investors.
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Courses and events for new entrepreneurs
We have gathered a list of courses for you who have just started a business. The events are organized by other organizations and most of them are free.
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Startup Advice: Tikk Talk
A founder needs to be prepared to take risks and able to constantly handle new and different challenges and situations. We have asked Oslo-based founders to share some advice and inspiration. First out are Rodney Boot and Gautam Chandna, Co-Founders at Tikk Talk.

Do you need updates and news?

Entrepreneurs move fast. To keep up to speed on the whole news cycle, investments and technology both in Oslo and internationally, we have gathered are a few sites that cover startup and business news we think you might find interesting.

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Icon green arrow Startup Dictionary
Incubator? Accelerator? Co-working space?
Already at choosing where to base your business, there are many options. But what do these labels really mean? Let´s explore some definitions and differences.

Partner up with us

We collaborate with all the startup, investor and innovation hubs in Oslo to accelerate growth and successful startups. Together we organise events and meeting places, deliver reports on international markets and business opportunities, offer access to networks and connect actors in the region and internationally.

Are you a hub, an incubator, accelerator, co-working space or professional network or event? Are you new to the city or have a project you would like to collaborate on? Get in touch with us. You'll find contact info to all our team members on our About Us site.

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