Oslo Startup Day: Bringing it back to the basics

Getting started

Published by Oslo Business Region, 09 December 2020

For entrepreneurs or first-time founders, the journey from idea to established business can be challenging. To help entrepreneurs build companies and navigate through the fundamental need-to-knows & how-to’s, we have created the Oslo Startup Day: Getting Started series.

Together with partners from the Oslo Startup Ecosystem we go back to basics, and explore the different stages of starting a company: from validating your idea to securing seed funding and raising your first million.

For the first episode of Oslo Startup Day: Getting Started we partnered up with Startup Norway. The event is directed at entrepreneurs in the making, and you can learn about how to get your idea from the earliest stage and onto a track where you can build your first startup. We go into how you can validate your idea, build a team, create a long-lasting corporate structure, how to finance the first part of the journey and get public loans and grants for your startup.

“ If you want to become a big company, you have to start like one! ”
– Hanne Heltne & Stephan Brodschöll, law partners at CLP

Watch E01: Getting Started

In the second episode, Oslo Startup Day: Go to Market, together with 657 Oslo, we look at the necessary steps to succeed when introducing your startup to the market and attracting new customers. We look at how to design a winning sales strategy, how to attract the best talent and keep them, and some good tips when creating a brand.

“ Go to market is about Go to money. ”
– Lars Johan Bjørkevoll, CEO of ScaleupXQ

Watch E02: Go to Market

The third episode is Oslo Startup Day: Seed Funding. Together with StartupLab we introduce the basics of scaling a company, and go through the necessary steps to succeed when raising seed capital for your startup. From both the investor and founder perspective, we look at the venture capital model, and the do’s & dont’s when meeting investors.

“ In the sea of no.. find your yes! Be prepared to talk to a lot of investors, because fundraising for seed funding is definitely a numbers game. ”
– Kjetil Holmefjord, Partner at StartupLab

Wach E03: Seed Funding

By listening to the ones who have done it before, there are many important lessons to be learned. Hopefully it will help you on your journey to starting and scaling your company, as each episode covers issues and conundrums many first-time founders will meet as a part of their journey to start and grow a company.

Overall, the trilogy got a very positive feedback: with an average evaluation of 4.6 (1-5, when 5 is the highest).