Talent attraction and retention

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Startups and scaleups in Oslo are dependent on skilled workers to drive innovation for a green future. They offer international talent impactful careers in a city known for its work-life balance, parental leave, and proximity to nature. Join Oslo’s dynamic scene and enjoy a vibrant food culture, rich arts, and a collaborative community.

Is your startup or scaleup recruiting internationally?

We understand the challenges you face in recruiting and onboarding international talent. Although you still have to do the heavy lifting, Oslo Business Region aim to give you a boost along the way providing practical support from the moment you start looking for a new hire, to the second they land in Oslo and beyond.

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What we offer?

Networking arenas: Get access to exclusive events like "Onboarding Oslo Breakfasts," perfect for welcoming new international hires and integrating them into the vibrant Oslo startup community.

Masterclasses: Receive invitations to specialized Masterclasses that enhance your knowledge and skills in international recruitment.

Spouse/Partner Career program: Get access to our tailored mentor program that connects international spouses/partners with the networks and knowledge they need to pursue relevant, enriching careers here in Oslo.

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Attract international talent to Oslo
Oslo is a unique and thriving city – don’t be shy about it! You are not just selling a job - but a city and life style. This toolbox includes facts about the city, images and stories that you can use in your own company marketing.
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Simplifying International recruitment
Are you looking to hire international talent? Or have you already signed a new employee and waiting for them to relocate? That’s great! Oslo Business Region help you navigate the complexities of international recruitment.
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↳ Oslo Cancer Cluster
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Join a startup or scaleup in Oslo
Take a look at current job openings in the startup community. Here are links to some of the most relevant search engines.
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Discover Oslo
Oslo offers easy access to nature as well as amazing food, nightlife and cultural events.
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↳ The food court Vippa is on the waterfront of Oslo


Partner up with us

We collaborate with organizations, growth companies and industry hubs in Oslo that work with international branding and talent attraction. Together, we organise international campaigns, host events and meetings, facilitate networking, and develop digital information and tools.

Get in touch if you are a growth company, organisation or startup hub (an incubator, accelerator or co-working space) working on attracting international skilled workers to Oslo.