Recap: Take away without throw away

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The Revore collection system has been developed to collect a wide range of consumer products. From circular packaging such as reusable food boxes and takeaway coffee cups to virtually any non-hazardous product within certain size limits. Photo: Gorm K. Gaare

Published by Oslo Business Region, 28 September 2022

As part of Oslo Innovation Week 2022, the GRIN project from Agency for Urban Environment in Oslo Municipality, AION and Grin took part in an event promoting and testing their solution to collect reusable food boxes made from locally sourced recycled plastics.

On Tuesday 27 September, the event “Scale Up 101 & 404” hosted by Foodora which drew in more than 100 participants, and the GRIN recycling system passed the “stress-test” with flying colours.

Participants heard how success often also leads to challenges you never would have thought of from COE Christina Moe Gjerde at VOI, Marius Røed Wang from Oslo Business Forum and from CEO Elisabeth Myhre of one the companies that grew the most during the pandemic and lockdowns, Foodora.

But why think of reusable food boxes at all…

Plastic pollution is one of the fastest growing environmental challenges in the world. Every year between 9 – 14 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean, primarily from land-based sources.

The background for GRIN

The Inner Oslofjord is Norway’s most populated area with approximately 1,5 million people living in close proximity to the fjord. Analyses from the rivers, parks and streets of Oslo show that take-away packaging is among the biggest contributors to plastic pollution.

That is why the City of Oslo, GRIN and Aion are working together on the project “Take away without throw away”.

More information

For both the Grin project and SmartOslo, please contact City Innovation Lead Andrea Nylund below.

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