Pilot project "Take away uten throw away" will kick off at Oslo Innovation Week 2022

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Published by Oslo Business Region, 10 May 2022

Meet a great example of circular startups joining forces to create a complete circular system.

Here is the story: reusable food boxes made from locally sourced recycled plastics will be designed and manufactured and combined with a smart collection system and launched at a tech conference in Oslo. In other words, public-private innovation at its best!

GRIN AS, AION by Aker BioMarine and Bymiljøetaten have teamed up to cut the piles of plastic waste generated at events. And the pilot project, "Take away uten throw away," will kick off at Oslo Innovation Week in September 2022, where attendees will have the option to get their food in a recycled bowl made by Aion and return the bowl to a smart box via app both made by Grin.

"The goal of this project is far bigger than reducing waste at Oslo Innovation Week. These solutions are being made for immediate scaling, and this is only the beginning of single-use disruption in Norway!" says the team of Oslo-based circular economy startup Grin.

The project is a direct result of Startuplab’s program 20tretti, where they paired climate and environmental challenges with startups.

Oslo Innovation Week 2022 is happening from 26 to 29 of September.