Oslo Compact City

City3 Oslo Business Region Kristoffer Hunstad

Published by Oslo Business Region, 04 May 2021

We launched the Oslo Compact City campaign. It is connected to the Oslo Brand and the result is a toolbox for anyone - corporate, academic institution, startup - to help business, and attract people & investment to Oslo.

We love Oslo and want to make it easy for you to share the Oslo brand and connect it to your startup, corporation or academic institution. With that in mind, we prepared an easy toolbox for your business containing: Oslo stories, Oslo facts, Oslo photos. They are free and ready-to-use.

A special thank you for these fantastic storytellers who shared their thoughts on Oslo as a compact city: Kjartan Slette (Unacast), Hanne Mette Kristensen (The Life Science Cluster), Isabelle Kristine Ringnes (Equality Check), Guy Maurice (B'ZEOS), Amin Fard (Preppio: Onboarding Experience Software), Maria Gjerstad Maseng (Bio-Me), Alexandra Diem, PhD and Magnus Lindskog in collaboration with Newslab.

Visit the toolbox

If your business would like to have a presentation about the toolbox, reach out to project lead: