3 tips when building your own startup in Oslo

Buiding startup

Published by Oslo Business Region, 07 April 2021

Are you new in Oslo and thinking on starting a company? We asked CEO and founder of Skillhus, Jyoti Sohal-David, to share her tips to all of you thinking on opening a company here in Oslo. Skillhus bridges international talent and the Norwegian job market. Take a look:

1. Innovation hubs

There are several accelerator programs you can apply to as a startup and get the support that you need. You can find an introduction o the Startup Ecosystem here and videos made especially for you here.


2. Funding grants and loans

Innovation Norway provides startups with expertise, mentor programs and capital to start a company in Oslo

Thomas bjornstad DB3 J g Q Ku TI unsplash

3. Network

Building a network in the startup community, reach out to hubs that fits you best and attends meetings, events and webinars. You can check our Oslo Business Region calendar here.