Taking off with the Oslo Brand

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Published by Oslo Business Region, 10 March 2021

Compact, international, progressive, tech-savvy. On 5 March we hosted a webinar to discuss how can we get the most out of using and building the Oslo brand to help the region attract business, investment, visitors and top talent.

"Through the pandemic, we have experienced fundamental shifts that will have long lasting effects, and international competition will be even fiercer than before (...) Visibility and attractiveness are of the utmost importance.", said Øyvind Såtvedt, Director at Osloregionen, introducing the main topic of the day: why building a city brand is important for Oslo.

The target audience was anyone working in marketing and promotions of brands internationally. And naturally, the 'how-to' was the second step of the conversation. "Branding Oslo is not a single campaign. It's about how individuals and companies act and what we do. It's the actual development of the city. It's about living the brand." pointed out Siw Andersen, CEO at Oslo Business Region.

Director at For the Love of Place, Martin Boisen, talked about the power of the Oslo brand and how place branding and making adds value. Due to internet issues, Oslo-based Minimeis CEO Tarjei Espolin Johnson, was on the program but unable to participate.

“ When there is a new product, industry cluster, real estate project or strategy, check whether they are on brand and connected to the place where they are, link to the values, then make sure the story is told. ”
– Martin Boisen, Director of For the Love of Place

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