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In only 5 years, Oslo has fostered 7 unicorns. There is considerable potential for investors interested in making their next investment in a Nordic born startup or scaleup. On this site you'll find info about our sectors, opportunities for investors and for international companies looking to set up an office in Oslo.
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Reasons to invest in Oslo
The Norwegian market has always been open to foreign investments, with a transparent and efficient regulatory framework that facilitates entrepreneurial activity and innovation.
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Climate tech and clean energy
Norway is the seventh-largest hydropower nation in the world and the largest in Europe. In addition several solar startups are emerging from Oslo.
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Life Sciences & Health tech
Since 2010, life sciences and healthtech have experienced steady growth, leading to exceptional discoveries that address previously unmet medical demands and improve the life quality of people around the world.
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Discover Oslo's Startup and Tech Ecosystem
In 2022, 1.3 billion Euros was invested in Oslo startups and scaleups. Find current info about companies, investment rounds and development.
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How to set up a company in Oslo
Fast-growing Oslo is one of the greenest, most politically stable and financially secure cities in the world. The Norwegian capital has a dynamic startup scene with plenty of opportunities to grow and uncharted territory to explore. Thinking about bringing your international company to Oslo? Here's how.
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Urban development
Investments in urban development startups and scaleups have increased from EUR 12 million to EUR 58 million in 2021, making it a fast-growing innovative tech field in the city. (Photo by Oliver Cole)
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Learning Technology and EdTech
Kahoot! is one of Norway's unicorns and several startups have emerged after its success.
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Norway is home to over 120 fintech companies with the vast majority of solutions focused on mobile payments and online banking. Other key segments include data and analytics, insurtech, data and analytics, and wealthtech.
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Seven unicorns and counting
Meet the Norwegian tech stars (Image Remarkable)

How we can help

Oslo Business Region supports international investors interested in startups and scaleups in Oslo. We organize meeting places and host activities for investors within Urban Development, Health Tech and Life Sciences, and ClimateTech.

We support all investors to navigate the ecosystem and to make connections to startups and scaleups, other investors, and business clusters and startup incubators in Oslo. Get in touch and let us know how we can help you.