Startup advice: Tikk Talk

Tikk Talk Co-Founder Rodney Boot

Published by Oslo Business Region, 02 September 2020

Starting a business is all about hard work and dedication. A founder needs to be prepared to take risks and able to constantly handle new and different challenges and situations. We have asked Oslo-based founders to share some advice and inspiration. First out are Rodney Boot and Gautam Chandna, Co-Founders at Tikk Talk.

Tikk Talk was launched in 2016, and has grown steadily since. Co-Founders Rodney Boot and Gautam Chandna both left senior jobs in established companies Brandlab and Opera Software to introduce a brand new standard for interpretation services, online. When asked for advice for other startups, they are happy to share.

Their three recommendations are:
1. Forget everything except the problem that you're trying to solve.
2. Learn how to make, operate and stick to a budget
3. Launch first and ask questions later

Startup Lab scene IMG 7734
↳ Tikk Talk is based at Oslo Science Park (Forskningsparken)