Recap: Oslo Startup Day "How to Fund your Startup"

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Published by Oslo Business Region, 23 November 2021

On 23 November, we gathered around 100 attendees at Oslo Science Park (Forskningsparken) to a new edition of Oslo Startup Day, focused on the funding opportunities for early stage companies and crowdfunding.

Oslo Startup Day is a concept by Oslo Business Region that has been going strong for almost a decade. The purpose is always the same; give new entrepreneurs a good starting point for building their startup in Oslo.

The event started with our own Startup Leader, Martine Mæland presenting different entry points, together with Joachim Thorsen, from Innovation Norway and Christian Drabløs from Spleis.

Our goal for the 'new' Startup day is to give founders information about basic funding opportunities especially focusing on people that don't have easy access to these already. And to introduce founders to different incubators and accelerators in Oslo through #MeetTheCommunity, where we invited a few to pitch: Anine Willums Karp from 657 Oslo, Heidi Hopstock from StartupLab and Jon-Marius Omberg from The Factory.

The next event will be hosted in a few months. Get in touch with Martine if you're interested in learning more.

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↳ Joachim Thorsen form Innovation Norway