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Oslo Startup Day: Meet the community 2019 (Jan Khür)

Published by Oslo Business Region, 21 August 2020

Oslo Business Region is the city’s platform for strengthening the entrepreneurial ecosystem. We help you build sustainable business solutions.

Our startup events aim to connect entrepreneurs and investors, corporates and customers, makers and dreamers. Our goal is to give all participants valuable connections as well as perspectives. We do this through collaboration – always partnering up with the eco-system and crowd-sourcing the agenda.

We organize physical and digital meeting places throughout the year. Our event series Oslo Startup Day and Meet the Investor are two of them. In addition we organize activities in and trips to international markets.

Oslo Startup Days and Meet the Investor happen roughly monthly, and you can always expect to meet other people interested in building and supporting startups at our events. Topics we have covered previously are Rethinking Green Investments, Gaming in Society, Fintech and Open Banking, Growth Hacking, How to build the perfect pitch deck, and much more. The events are hosted in collaboration with all the Startup hubs in Oslo.

Once a year, often the weeks before Christmas, we host Meet the Community. At this event, all the startup hubs in Oslo pitch who they are and how you can get in touch with them. See images from Oslo Startup Day: Meet the community

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