Oslo Startup Day: Accel & SNÖ Talk VC Funding


Published by Oslo Business Region, 26 February 2021

For 2021’s first edition of Oslo Startup Day, the audience could set the agenda. We partnered up with SNÖ Ventures & Accel to answer all the audience's questions regarding Venture Funding. The two VC firms invest in early stage startups, and have substantial knowledge of what the VCs are interested in and looking for.

What do international investors think about the Norwegian startup market? What is the best way to approach investors? And what should companies seeking investments focus on? These are only a few of the many questions we asked Carlo Giovanni Biggio, Vice President at Accel, and Max Samuel, Partner at SNÖ Ventures.

The international interest in the Norwegian market is growing, and like Carlo Biggio says it: “it’s now one of the core geographies for us in Accel”. However, securing funding and attracting investors is still reported as the #1 challenge early-stage startups face on their entrepreneurial journey. This is why we invited you – our audience – to set the agenda for the first Ask-me-anything session of Oslo Startup Day in 2021. To answer your questions, we asked Bay Area-based VC company Accel and the well-renowned Norwegian VC Fund SNÖ to share their perspective on the Norwegian startup ecosystem and insight in the process of investing.

“ The Norwegian market is now one of the core geographies for us in Accel ”
– Carlo Biggio

Take a look at video below if you want to know what Carlo from Accel & Max from SNÖ has to say about how to reach out to them, what they expect, cap table and dilution, and views on the high number of listings on Euronext and if that has changed their view on desired exit strategy and timeline – to name a few.

Do you want to know more about Carlo Biggio & Accel or Max Samuel & SNÖ Ventures?

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