Norwegian startups race ahead on EV solutions

Smart Charge

Published by Oslo Business Region, 07 February 2021

The sheer pace of adaptation of Electric Vehicles in Norway is nothing short of electrifying. The country has by far outpaced all other countries on market share of EVs. Over half of all new cars sold in 2020 were electric.

Last year also showed accelerated growth and investment activity in Norwegian startups that are claiming a stake in the global market for all modes of sustainable transport and greener, circular battery production. Advancements in electrification by land, sea and air are moving the country closer to its goal to halve CO2 emissions by 2030.

Zaptec has developed a charging system for multiple EVs that is 60 percent more efficient than traditional charging stations. Evoy has designed electric motor systems for new and existing power boats, and Zeebuz delivers zero-emission autonomous ferries. Equator has developed a fully electric, zero-emission seaplane that can land on water or land.

“Norway has been a sandbox for EV-development, contributing to the development of all means of electrification, be it cars, batteries or software,” says Paal Myhre, e-mobility consultant and co-founder of Meshcrafts, a startup with an EV charging system that enables station owners to optimize use of their chargers.

“Due to the high adaptation of EVs, Norway has been better positioned to develop good solutions. Norwegians are tech-savvy and eager to try new things, and now we have proven that EVs are real alternatives to cars running on fossil fuels.”

Evoy orig
↳ OIW alumni: Evoy won first place at Oslo Innovation Week 100 pitches back in 2019.