How we can get more female founders in Oslo?

Clubhouse female

Published by Oslo Business Region, 22 March 2021

We invited Victoria Marie Evensen, Vice Mayor for Business and Development at the City of Oslo, Marie Louise Sunde, CEO and Co-founder of Equality Check and Chisom Udeze, Founder of HerSpace to discuss on Clubhouse how can the city and the startup community support more female founders.

For the International Women's Day (8 March), we focused on connecting the city of Oslo and the startup community to talk on practical solutions, moderated by Oslo Business Region CEO, Siw Andersen.

Marie Sunde, CEO of EqualityCheck - a platform for anonymous, crowdsourced reviews about equality in the workplace - gave some good reasons why more companies should be started by women:

"Apart from the obvious argument that women should have the same opportunities as men to pursue any career, it is imperative for the society. As a society, we are at a point where we need to see big changes in many industries and the economy. We have to do things differently, we have to create new solutions, more workplaces, a more sustainable economy. To succeed in this, we need all hands on deck. Not just the white men."

Equal opportunities was the main focus of the discussion, with around 50 attendees. "I was taught that I could do anything but this is not a reality for all women unfortunately. I would like to teach my daughter that she can do anything and conquer the world.", summarized the Vice-Mayor of Oslo, Victoria Marie Evensen. She mentioned the support of the Oslo kintergartens and the paid parental leave.

Also in the room, was Chisom Udeze, CEO of HerSpace: a coworking membership exclusive to women, women-led companies and mothers in Oslo. "It is very important to me that more women in Oslo and beyond, from all walks of life, establish sustainable companies that solve societal and business problems. I want women to understand that they have power and can create solutions that springboards economic growth, improves innovation and reduces poverty."

“ To be able to meet the market and to solve the right problems, we need founders that represent all of the society. ”
– Marie Sunde, Equality Check