Oslo among the world's most promising next generation tech hubs

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Published by Oslo Business Region, 01 December 2022

Oslo was just named among the top 30 Rising Stars startup ecosystems in the world.

“The next generation of tech ecosystems” report by Dealroom.co just launched! This report is the conclusion of a data-driven analysis of 201 tech ecosystems across 3 lenses: Trailblazers, Science Hubs, and Rising Stars. These 3 lenses compares leading tech hubs, emerging ecosystems, unicorn cities, or research and innovation clusters with different focuses on raw scale, growth and potential, or innovation and density. This set of actionable benchmarks is meant as a tool to help ecosystems understand and measure their maturity and preparedness for the future.

Oslo ranked #6 in the Rising Stars category, because of its recent unicorn growth.

Some key findings of the report are:

  • The top 5 Trailblazers ecosystems are the Bay Area, New Palo Alto, New York City, Boston, and London
  • The top 5 Science Hubs ecosystems are the Bay Area, Boston, Cambridge (UK), San Diego, and Oxford
  • The top 5 Rising stars ecosystems are Bengaluru, Curitiba, Bogotá, Mumbai and Chennai. Oslo is ranked as #6.
  • There are now 168 cities with at least one unicorn, versus just 12 in 2010.73 in EMEA, 52 in North America, 11 in China, 18 in Rest of Asia and 14 in the rest of the world.
  • The Bay Area no longer has a monopoly on VC-backed innovation. Its share of global VC-backed innovation has dropped from 40% to 20% and stabilized there.
  • The Bay Area startups raise more venture capital than the next three cities combined. But when it comes to early stage investing, the gap is much narrower.
  • Patents are an indicator of research output and help identify innovation hot spots. Tokyo, the Bay Area and Seoul top the list of cities by patents.

Find out more about the categories and how they were built, about geographical differences, and other exciting insights into the top startup ecosystems in 2022. Access the full report here.

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