Meet our Advisory Board 2022-2023

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Published by Oslo Business Region, 02 February 2022

The Oslo Business Region's Advisory Board is a team of advisers that provides input to the company's strategies and key projects. The members are representatives from the Oslo business community, research and knowledge institutions and other relevant organizations.

The Advisory Board consists of these 7 members, all appointed by the board of the Oslo Business Region for 2 years:

Odd Skarheim, Founder, Attensi and BeYour Best
Lena Nymo Helli
, CEO, Norway Health Tech
Per Einar Dybvik, CEO, StartupLab
Kristin Aamodt, Venture Director Europe, ArcTern Ventures
Ditte Kristensen
, CEO, Oslo Runway
Tin Phan
, Researcher, NMBU
Yvonne J Rivera, VP People and Culture, Gelato

From 2022 and 2023, they will assist us in identifying and meeting current challenges and opportunities for the company and the Oslo startup ecosystem.

The first meeting was held in January, together with the board of Oslo Business Region: Johan Hovland, Inger Johanne Solhaug and Waseem Shad, in addition to Jan Fredrik Lockert from the business department at the City of Oslo (our owners), our CEO, Siw Andersen, Growth & Funding Manager, Tonje Ørnholt, and Andreas Kalleberg and Bård Skjørtorp from Æra Innovation.

Board perivar
↳ Per Einar Dybvik, CEO at StartupLab
Board kristin
↳ Kristin Aamodt, Venture Director Europe at ArcTern Ventures
Board tin
↳ Tin Phan, Researcher at NMBU
Board ditte
↳ Ditte Kristensen, CEO at Oslo Runway
Board odd
↳ Odd Skarheim, Founder at Attensi and BeYour Best
Screenshot 2022 02 02 at 09 29 25
↳ Lena Nymo Helli, CEO at Norway Health Tech and Yvonne J Rivera, VP People and Culture at Gelato