About Oslo Business Region

Published by Oslo Business Region, 16 September 2021

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Oslo’s startup ecosystem is key to a more robust and sustainable future economy for Norway. The world needs new solutions solving global challenges, and Norway needs new corner stone companies. Startups are driving the Norwegian green shift with innovative solutions and creating new jobs and value for the future. 14,000 people in the Oslo region are employed by 2200 startups and 188 scaleups (2019), and the between 2010 -2019, the value creation created by startups with growth potential and scaleups increased by 40%. $789M was invested in Norwegian startups and scaleups in 2020.

About Oslo Business Region

We aim to build a world-class startup ecosystem in Oslo, make more scaleups succeed and put Oslo, the capital of Norway, on the map internationally. We collaborate across sectors and borders, facilitate for sharing expertise and insight, and open doors to Norwegian and international players. Our goal is to connect you to relevant people, businesses, and cities.

Oslo Business Region AS is owned and funded by the City of Oslo – Business Development and Public Ownership (NOE). The limited company was founded 1 Januar 2014.

About Oslo

Oslo is the capital of Norway. Oslo provides easy access to business, culture, international networks and work-life balance. In 2019, Oslo was in the 1st place on the European Commission's European Cities SDG Index. The capital is small in size but punches above its weight in areas such as IT and digitalization. Citizens in Oslo are highly digital and Oslo is a unique testbed for new solutions within mobility, health and other sectors. The City of Oslo has its own, unique Climate Budget. Together with Sweden, Finland, Iceland and Denmark, Norway is the 11th largest world economy in the world.

Our five strategic goals

  • More talent and investments to Oslo
  • More growth companies in Oslo
  • More business development between the City of Oslo and scaleups
  • More insight that contributes to improving the competitive advantage for business and innovation in the Oslo region
  • Improve Oslo’s reputation connected to entrepreneurship and sustainable business

Our vision and values

Building a world-class startup ecosystem in Oslo.

We connect people, companies, industries and cities to create opportunities for sustainable business growth in Oslo.

Oslo Business Region is your go-to partner for startups, growth companies and the Startup Ecosystem in Oslo

Our values

  • Insightful - We have the insight you need to strengthen your competitive advantage.
  • Collaborative – We strengthen Oslo’s innovation eco-system through collaborations across sectors and borders
  • Empowering – We provide you with access to the network and partners you need to succeed, in Norway and abroad.


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