Oslo Outlook: The brief and fresh overview of the socio-economic status of the city

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Published by Oslo Business Region, 16 March 2022

Oslo Outlook is a report made by Menon on behalf of Oslo Business Region. The purpose of the report is to give you a brief and fresh overview of the socio-economic state of the city.

The report will be updated every quarter and will provide key numbers, data and statistics for people interested in business development and job creation in the city. By reading the report, you will get fresh information about the opportunities and challenges for Oslo now and going forward.

The Oslo Outlook is in Norwegian but you'll get the insights in English in our website. It is divided into three different focus areas: job market, businesses and attractiveness.

Key insights from the March 2022 report:

  • Employment especially in private sectors is growing from the last part of 2021 (4%);

  • Company establishments: High and over the pre-pandemic period: Positive for startups;

  • In the pandemic: Less attractive to live in Oslo. A lot of people moved out of the city;

  • Now the attractiveness has increased post pandemic. We now see a population growth (more international tourists and less people moving out of the city).

  • Investments: Oslo is on track with the other Nordic countries first quarter of 2022 (8 investments);

  • Job market stabile: low unemployment (on level on pre- pandemic) Lower than the other Nordic countries (especially Helsinki and Stockholm);

  • 13 000 open positions out in feb 2022. (highest number in the last four years).

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