9 Norwegian scaleups ready for Market Entry Program in Berlin

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Photo by Florian Wedhe

Published by Oslo Business Region, 12 May 2023

Out of 16 scaleups, 9 Oslo-based scaleups have been selected by Oslo Business Region for the Market Entry Program in Berlin! The program, powered by Canute, focuses on enabling scaleups to scale their operations in the German market. The program is specifically tailored to meet the individual needs of each participating scaleup.

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↳ Stine Hulvej, CEO of Low-Fi
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↳ Morten Matras, CEO of LeadDoubler

Participating in the program (read more about it here) gives the selected scaleups a chance to receive guidance from experienced professionals, connect with potential investors, and build relationships with other important stakeholders in the German market. Through the program, they can access valuable resources that can equip them with the tools and knowledge they need to overcome the obstacles that come with scaling their business.

The participating scaleups are:

Defigo (Urban Development)

Evyon (ClimateTech)

Findable (Urban Development)

Glint Solar (ClimateTech)

Ignite Procurement (ClimateTech)

Lifeness (HealthTech)

Nordic Brain Tech (HealthTech)

Svenn (Urban Development)

Tørn (Urban Development)

All of these scaleups have demonstrated a high potential for growth and have the ambition to expand their operations beyond Norway. Norway Health Tech and Startup Norway are community partners.

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