Mesh keeps building

MESH06 Oslo T2 by Alex Asensi 9694
Mesh Community. Photo: Alex Asensi

Published by Oslo Business Region, 24 September 2020

Speaking of co-working spaces and hubs in Oslo, we are happy to say there is no way around Mesh. They have been growing since the doors first opened in Oslo in 2012, and the biggest news for 2020 is that they keep on building in every way. Carina Lorentzen Holtmon, Head of Marketing at Mesh Community, gives us an update on projects and offerings.

What is happening at Mesh these days?

We have launched Mesh Community and we are working on our product offering to members. We have chosen to use the corona period as a building period, with the goal of coming out of it stronger with products, events and services that will benefit the startup scene in the long run.

What are you excited about?

The biggest news from us at the moment is Mesh Youngstorget. We are opening a new hub in January 2021 in Møllergata 6 & 8, Mesh Youngstorget. We already have a great group of members signed up and we are creating the best open work bar facilities, event spaces and studio spaces on the ground floors for our members and extended community.

Any events, general news, collaborations, projects?

We are working on our new Connect membership, and we are working on what Mesh Community should become. On one side Corona has been terribly stressful and challenging, and on the other side, we have had the chance to take a deep look at ourselves and reset what we are doing and where we want to go. We definitely think that 2021 will be a very good year for us and our whole community, and we launch news and new projects as they come along.

What makes Mesh stand out from other co-working spaces and hubs?

We focus as much on the services and community that we create as the physical aspect of our offering. We are also strictly targeting startups and growth companies, so we are only open to the niche that we serve. We define ourselves as a HUB, by that we mean a space that functions as an incubator and co-working space to its core members, but also as an open hub and meeting place for the greater community. In 2019 we had 1300 core members, but also 700 events and over 50.000 visitors.

In what way is your relationship with Oslo Business Region important for the Mesh community?

OBR creates valuable content for the greater community, both locally and internationally. They are also the main bridge between the political side of the startup ecosystem and the actual entrepreneurs and ecosystem builders. Oslo Innovation Week has also established itself as an important annual event for the whole startup scene in the region!