Oslo - a top-tier city

Oslo Stateof The City2020

Published by Oslo Business Region, 31 August 2020

For us living in the city, the evidence of the changes is everywhere. Over only a few years, technology and entrepreneurial networking events, pitching contests, culture boom, shared co-working spaces for startups and tech-centred businesses have become commonplace all over the city.

But as Oslo: State of the City 2020 report shows, our experiences are backed up with hard facts. Authored by Professor Greg Clark and his team at the Business of Cities Group in London, it rates Oslo as an international leader when it comes to its selection of human talent, pervasiveness of technological innovation in society, smart city solutions and competitiveness.

Here are some highlights:

  • Oslo is ranked 3rd of 102 best cities in the IMD World Competitiveness Centre Smart City Index, which measures citizen perceptions of infrastructure quality, technological and digital services.
  • Oslo is listed as the 9rd of 100 cities in concentration of educated and young talent in a city by JLL Innovation.
  • Oslo is ranked 7h of 45 in European Commission Cities SDG Index, which measures progress towards achieving SDGs.
  • Oslo is ranked 1st of 500 cities in EasyPark Technology Services Smart Cities Index.