Facts and Figures - Menon Report 2021

OBR office Jan Khur

Published by Oslo Business Region, 05 March 2021

Startup and Scaleups 2010 vs 2011

Number of startups vs Number of Scaleups

This graph shows development from 2011 to 2019 in number of Startups and Scalups. including number of employees.
Number of scaleups and startups by location in the Oslo region.

Scaleups in Nordic capital regions

Figure 9: Number of scaleups in Nordic capital regions in 2017. Source: Nordic Innovation

Facts and disclaimers

On behalf of Oslo Business Region, Menon Economics has created the report in the period November 2020 - March 2021.

In the definition phase, Menon got input from StartupLab, Innovation Norway, BI - Norwegian Business School, Stockholm Business Region, City of Oslo and Startup Campus in addition to Oslo Business Region.

The report aims to capture companies that have a potential for growth and innovation and are important for the future economy of both the region and Norway as a whole.

The last available public data are from 2019 (hence not 2020 numbers).

The report cannot include information that is not available to the public (meaning we might have missed something). There are probably great successes yet the numbers don't fit our framework and can’t be included. The report doesn’t take into account factors such as ambition (so you might have a great strategy for growth however we don’t know that).