Speedfriending - connecting people within the ecosystem

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Published by Oslo Business Region, 04 April 2023

Speedfriending, in collaboration with Insj UiO, Start Oslo, and Charge, recently organized successful networking events. The events, powered by Oslo Business Region, aimed to connect people within the ecosystem and particularly focused on international talent and scaleups.

Through collaborations with Insj UiO, Start Oslo, and Charge, Speedfriending recently organized a series of networking events powered by Oslo Business Region at Mesh Youngstorget, Rebel, and SALT. The goal was to create opportunities for people to connect and build new relationships within the ecosystem, with a particular focus on international talent and scaleups.

The events proved to be successful, with 94.5% of attendees recommending them to others and 72% making new connections. The participants represented a diverse mix of Norwegians and international attendees, making the events inclusive and internationally oriented.

Among the attendees were representatives from notable scaleups such as Attensi, Celcia, Glint Solar, Vivaldi, and more. These events provided a valuable platform for individuals and businesses to network and forge new connections, ultimately contributing to the growth and development of the ecosystem.

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