“(re)made” jumpstarts a movement for sustainable materials

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Published by Oslo Business Region, 13 October 2022

The exhibit and seminar, “(re)made,” on 29 September gathered over 150 designers, manufacturers, urban planners, and startups under one roof to discuss how to transform and build better, more resilient neighborhoods through the use and reuse of new, sustainable materials.

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Held at the former Munch Museum as part of Oslo Architecture Triennale and Oslo Innovation Week, the event kicked off with talks by Christian Pagh from Oslo Architecture Triennale, Lillian Ayla Ersoy from Novooi, Andrea Nylund from Oslo Business Region, and keynote speaker Einar Kleppe Holthe from Natural State.

An impressive line-up of lightning round presentations put the spotlight on new materials, circular design practices and advanced technologies that address climate change, resource depletion and biodiversity loss. Mads Bruun Høy from Æra moderated a cross-disciplinary panel of leaders in the field: Oscar Honeyman-Novotny from Kroloftet, Marie Harbo Dahle from Pådriv, Susie Jahren from Aion, Sindre Rosness from Norwegian Trash, Chris Synder from NoMy, and Stian Rossi from Saferock.

The accompanying exhibit curated by Novooi founder Lillian Ayla Ersoy highlighted how sustainable materials are developed and how waste can be transformed into functional, handcrafted objects from a range of materials such as mycelium, wood and recycled glass to concrete and wool alternatives.

See event photos here. Artist profiles, the program and more photos here!

Event partners:

Oslo Architecture Triennale, Æra, Arts Council Norway and Oslo Business Region,

Startups and manufacturers:

Aion, Elementa, Høine, Loopfront, Hydro, Lundhs Real Stone, Material Mapper, NoMy, Objekt, Saferock, Sjølingstad Uldvarefabrik, Studio Sirkel

Designers and artists:

Anna Maria Øfstedal Eng, All Pine Press, Edvin Klasson, ESP, Hae Yoon, Kaja Dahl, Brave New Lines, Jenkins & Uhnger, Nina Havermans, Norwegian Trash, Minus, Osloleire, OA_M Studio, Rasmus Stride, Studio Sløyd

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