Our 2023 wrapped

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Published by Oslo Business Region, 08 January 2024

Oh what a year it's been.

A challenging year for many companies and cities across the world - yet Oslo and the ecosystem managed to stay in the global game because of our many passionate founders, tech talents, investors, business leaders and public sector innovators.

For the Oslo Business Region team, (tech) talent attraction and retention, attracting international investments to the ecosystem, and building Oslo’s global brand as a great city to build a startup and do business were our main priorities.

THANK YOU to our amazing 2023 partners for supporting the growth of a stronger ecosystem for startups and innovative companies in Oslo, companies who are changing the world for the better in industries like health, ocean and construction. Also a huge thank you to people on stage and behind the scenes who keep paying it forward to support peers and newcomers.

Here are some of our 2023 highlights:

  • 55 tech talents from 27 Norwegian scaleups joined our “Welcome to Oslo” events to learn and network.

  • Assisted 32 international press articles about Oslo and the emerging startup and innovation scene in publications like Bloomberg, Forbes and El Espanol.

  • 32 ClimateTech, Urban Development and HealthTech scaleups expanded their global investor networks through one of our programs.

  • The first pilot for Kompetansespor, fast track for tech talent, by the City of Oslo and partners was successfully launched.

  • Over 100 international Venture Capital investors participated in our meeting places across 3 countries (Germany, UK and Finland)

  • 16.000 startups, investors and business leaders, 25% international, attended Oslo Innovation Week 2023

  • Over 100.000 unique users have visited our websites with info about Oslo and the startup and innovation ecosystem.

  • In Oslo, 2000 startups and 200 scaleups employ 14.3000 people and give 12.3 BNOK in value creation.

Fun facts

  • 12.3 billion kroner covers primary school for a year for almost 10.000 children.

  • We believe in the power of connecting people and organized 27 meeting places and events in collaboration with our partners.

  • Strise won the Oslo Innovation Award 2023 - Congratulations again!

Looking forward to 2024 and what we as a community can create for Oslo and the startup ecosystem.

- The Oslo Business Region team