Oslo Outlook #8 out now!

Oslo City Hall

Published by Oslo Business Region, 12 December 2023

2023 has not been an uplifting year for the investment and business landscape in Oslo, however Q4 shows a bit more promise.

Oslo Outlook: A short update on business, employment, and city attractiveness

The Oslo Outlook report, offering fresh facts and numbers on the socio-economic state of Oslo, has been released. This quarterly publication serves as a valuable resource for those seeking insights into the city's progress in terms of employment, business trends, and overall attractiveness. Whether you're a business professional, an investor, or simply curious about the current state of affairs in Oslo, this report provides a concise and informative overview.

Key Insights:

  • Number of investments in growth companies in Oslo is reduced by 47% and Oslo experienced a decrease of almost 40% in total investment in 2023 compared to 2022

  • 6 206 job vacancies in Oslo in October, making the first increase since the end of 2022

  • Unemployment has remained stable all year around 2.4%

  • Employment in ICT-sector increased 3% in Q3

  • 750 new housing units were initiated, 6 times as much as last quarter but 2023 in total is expected to be at a lower level than 2021 and 2020

  • The population of Oslo has grown by 2823 people in Q3 due to immigration and a reduction of emigration. That is the highest level since 2019.

A Quarterly Update

The Oslo Outlook report is published four times a year, providing regular updates on the development of Oslo. By capturing the latest data and trends, the report aims to shed light on the city's dynamic economic landscape and serve as a valuable resource for decision-makers and stakeholders. The short format is chosen, and the idea is that you can read the report in a shorter time than it takes to drink a cup of coffee.