Oslo Outlook #4 December edition is out now!

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Published by Oslo Business Region, 12 December 2022

A brief and fresh overview of the socio-economic state of the city.

2022 has been a year of turbulence where the world is experiencing war, a fall in the stock market, and expensive energy.

When we look at Oslo, the unemployment rate is still historically low; the lowest in the Nordics, and job creation continues to grow, especially within hospitality and ICT.

The drop in housing prices can be explained by high inflation, energy prices, and higher interest rates.

According to the report, Oslo still has the highest number of investments in the Nordics both in Q2 and Q3. Still, Stockholm is way ahead when it comes to total investment with 2.5 billion dollars while Oslo is in third place behind Helsinki with 270 million dollars.

Oslo Outlook is out four times a year to keep you updated with fresh data and insight on the development in Oslo when it comes to employment, business and attractiveness.

Oslo Outlook is a report made by Menon on behalf of Oslo Business Region.

Key insights

  • Oslo continues to have a historically low unemployment rate. Down from 3.4 at the beginning of the year to 1.9 in December

  • Oslo still has the highest number of VC investments in the Nordics

  • More people are moving to Oslo from abroad but domestically, more people are moving out of the city

  • Tourism is back in business again after struggling during the pandemic

  • Housing prices are decreasing by 6.8 % from August to November

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