Oslo Outlook #3 is out now!

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Published by Oslo Business Region, 29 August 2022

How is Oslo doing in Q2? Let's take a look at the newest Oslo Outlook to find out!

The world is experiencing uncertain times with war, a fall in the stock market, and expensive energy. Risk capital is going down worldwide and investors are taking more time on investment rounds than before. In Oslo, the unemployment rate is still historically low and the lowest in the Nordics, and more people are employed in Q2 because of an all-time high summer in tourism. Oslo continues to be a popular destination for internationals and we see that more people are moving to Oslo from abroad. However, domestically, more people are moving out of the city and it is too early to say if it is a trend because of the pandemic or permanent.

According to the report, Oslo had the highest number of investments in the Nordics in Q2, 40 in total and up from 37 in Q1. However, in Q3 it registered 8 new investments in Oslo while Helsinki had 14 and Stockholm 12. The development will be interesting to follow and track for Outlook #4!

Oslo Outlook is out four times a year to keep you updated with fresh data and insight on the development in Oslo when it comes to employment, business and attractiveness.

Key insights from the August 2022 report:

  • Oslo continues to have a historically low unemployment rate (2.1) but the number of available positions in the job market is now on a more stable level.
  • In Q2 2022, Oslo has the highest number of investments in the Nordics but is still far behind in the total amount of investment.
  • Oslo keeps growing because more people are moving to Oslo from abroad, but in Norway, the trend is that more people are moving out of the city.

  • Tourism is up, to an all-time high.

  • Housing prices continue to increase and are now 26% up from July 2019.

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