Oslo Innovation Award 2022 - Winner announced!

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Photo: Gorm K. Gaare.

Published by Oslo Business Region, 27 September 2022

A long-lasting tradition is the Oslo Innovation Award and 2022 is no exception to the rule. This year’s winner is Dignio, and we are proud to celebrate a growth company from Norway that is set on a mission of making taking the right medicine much easier for all. And not to be shy about their success doing so - this is the absolute opposite of the dreaded “Janteloven”.

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The mission behind the Oslo Innovation Award is to stimulate the process of making Oslo a leading region of innovation. The award is therefore closely tied to Oslo Innovation Week, with which it shares the same values and ideals on topics such as sustainability and positive societal change.

The aim of the Oslo Innovation Award is to position and celebrate new companies which create new jobs. This year Oslo Innovation Award is given out for the 15th time.

This year the competition was fierce between the 4 companies in the running to win, as they have a strong focus on innovation and sustainability, both on an individual and societal level. The 4 nominees were: Attensi, TISE, Dignio and Skyfri.

The winner in 2022 is Dignio who did not start as a tech company. As they point out they started with the problem they wanted to solve. Dignio formulated it as “Healthcare systems all over the world are strained and with an aging population, the need for new solutions to make healthcare more sustainable is inevitable.”

“It is a huge honor to win this highly regarded award. It is not only an acknowledgment of how far we have come as a company, it is also a really inspirational boost to where we are headed. We started Dignio over 10 years ago, with the aim to empower patients to live healthier and better lives. And believe me, you have to hang on to that goal really hard when working with health technology – adoption in the sector is definitely not done overnight”, Lars Christian Dahle, CEO & Founder, Dignio

The Jury’s Statement

Healthcare systems worldwide are strained, and with an aging population, the need for embracing digital homecare solutions to make healthcare more sustainable and efficient is inevitable.

Chronically ill people want more freedom, safety, and the possibility to manage their health situation. There is also a need to improve patient compliance and outcome.

Dignio has, through its innovative technology, managed to positively impact all the key stakeholders in the health value chain - the patients and their families, the healthcare personnel, the healthcare organizations, and the budget holders.

During the pandemic, they tested their solutions and implemented their technology in more than 200 municipalities in Norway. They have proven that their solutions also apply to markets outside Norway. So far, they have moved into the UK and started to launch in the US.

We congratulate Dignio as a worthy winner in tough competition with the other nominees.

The Jury

In total, five shortlisted growth companies were invited to pitch their business to the Award jury: Head of Jury Ellen Cathrine Andersen CEO SensCom, former CEO in EpiGuard last year's winner. Other jury members were Pira Thiru CGO Startup Migrants and

Inge André Sandvik CTO Vesterålen Havbruk.

About the Oslo Innovation Award

The Oslo Innovation Award was established in 2008 and will be handed out for the 15th year running during Oslo Innovation Week 2022. This award is a collaboration between the City of Oslo and Innovation Norway and the goal of the Oslo Innovation Award is to showcase the city’s pioneering startups, confirming Oslo’s position as a leading, innovative technology hub. Previous winners include Kahoot, Gelato, Epiguard and Otovo.