Oslo Business Region announces Siw Andersen as the new CEO

Osl business region Siw Andersen
Photo: Oslo Business Region

Published by Oslo Business Region, 12 November 2020

- We are building bridges between Norway and the global market, and even though Oslo is small on an international scale, our companies and solutions are world class.

New businesses and technology are vital to our welfare and future. The success of companies such as Kahoot!, Spacemaker and No Isolation is first and foremost the result of a driven startup team. But behind every startup is an entire ecosystem and city. Oslo Business Region is a driver for the startup ecosystem in Oslo and from 6 November 2020, Siw Andersen takes over as CEO.

Siw has been a key member of the company since 2014, and she is well prepared for the job in a challenging time.

- We are building bridges between Norway and the global market, and even though Oslo is small on an international scale, our companies and solutions are world class. Today, Stockholm gets 6 times more investments in startups than Oslo – I am going to contribute to turn that around.

- In addition, I would like to contribute to more tech startups founded by women. Building, working at or investing in a startup or growth company in Oslo will become more accessible to a greater diversity.

Siw Andersen takes over the position after Gaute Hagerup, who joins the C40 project.

The chairman of the Oslo Business Region board, Johan Hovland, is pleased to welcome the new managing director.

We are really happy that Siw will be the new CEO of Oslo Business Region. The innovation community in Oslo knows Siw very well and she has been a central part of OBR for many years. She has the qualities needed to lead and develop Oslo Business Region in the years ahead.

Reflecting on her new role, Siw feels motivated.

- In many ways I am a global nomad with a burning heart for Oslo. I am motivated by the enormous development in Oslo in recent years and what people are achieving. I see that we succeed globally when we collaborate at home.

Facts About Oslo Business Region (OBR)

  • Founded in 2014 and has 8 employees
  • Owned and funded by the City of Oslo
  • Builds bridges between Norway and the global market, between startups and investors, between industries and between public and private businesses.
  • The company is the city’s tool for the startup ecosystem and international profiling
  • Oslo Business Region is the project manager of Oslo Innovation Week, which earlier this fall gathered 25,000 people online, of which 40% were international

About Siw Andersen

  • 37 years, has worked at OBR for 6 years with responsibility for international profiling, Talent Attraction, and Oslo Innovation Week
  • Is on the board of Oslo Architecture Triennale
  • Has previously worked in several startups in the fashion and media industry and was central in building up the Norwegian fashion industry 2004-2014
  • Was fashion editor of Katachi Magazine
  • Founded and built the business network, fashionFokus, from 2009-2014
  • Siw Andersen has a bachelor’s degree from Oslo National Academy of the Arts and Central Saint Martins in London, ‘Gründerskolen’ from the University of Oslo and National University of Singapore, and a Master Executive specialization in international investors and Norwegian startups in the field of PR Management and Strategic Communication from BI Norwegian Business School.
  • Born in South Korea and raised at Ål in Hallingdal.

About the Oslo startup scene

  • The past 7 years, the entrepreneurial community has grown from 0 to over 50 startup hubs such as MESH, StartupLab, 657 Oslo, The Factory, Aleap and Katapult.
  • Investors such as Snö, Alliance and Nordic Impact have established themselves in Oslo.
  • Close to the city you will also find high-tech communities such as Kongsberg Innovation, Hamar Game Collective and Kjeller Innovation
  • Companies such as Kahoot!, Huddly and ReMarkable have emerged.
  • In 2019, $ 271M was invested into Norwegian companies (Source: Kjetil Holmefjord, StartupLab). 24% of this comes from international investors.
  • Oslo was ranked 18th on The European Startup Initiative Europe Heatmap in 2019 (34th in 2018)

For more information please contact

Siw Andersen, CEO, Oslo Business Region

siw@oslobusinessregion.no Tel 99721004