New report maps testing and piloting facilities in Oslo

Notat Infrastruktur for testing og pilotering i Oslo Bilde

Published by Oslo Business Region, 11 October 2023

Oslo Business Region has mapped out the different test facilities in Oslo where companies can simulate and visualize new technologies, products and solutions.

Digitization, automation and the use of big data are increasing the need for arenas and facilities where new solutions can be tested and demonstrated. The facilities can also be used to test how technologies from the oil industry, for example, can be transferred to new areas of application toward the green shift.

Over half of the 105 test and pilot facilities in the report are located at University of Oslo (UiO), Oslo University Hospital, or at facilities that are a collaboration between the two institutions. Twenty-one of the facilities have been established by other public organizations, such as research institutes, and the remaining 22 facilities are owned by private organizations.