Meet Modulize: winner of OIW Pitches 2021

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Published by Oslo Business Region, 01 October 2021

Green construction startup Modulize takes home the prize of 200 000 NOK and the title of Oslo Innovation Week 100 Pitches 2021 winner after competing against 226 other companies from 44 different countries.

Modulize is an Oslo-based company that simpliflies design, planning and procurement for prefabrication in construction. 'We were really excited about highlighting our work at Modulize during Oslo Innovation Week (OIW). We think it's so important to show how great of a place Norway is becoming for startups. As for the prize, it will go straight into developing our product. We're actively recruiting and winning 100 Pitches will help us go just a little bit faster, which is amazing!', says Co-founder and CEO of Modulize, Lucas Carstens.

The pitching competition was powered by DNB with the big finale on Wednesday, 29 September evening with 8 companies pitching live to the jury. Amongst the jury was Arne Tonning, Partner at Alliance Venture, Anette Mellbye from Boston Consulting Group, Kjersti Høklingen from DNB and Kremena Tosheva, Investment Associate at SNÖ Ventures.

"DNB supports startups and growth companies, and OIW 100 Pitches is the perfect platform for new innovative startups to get exposure and attract investors." Kjersti Høklingen, EVP Technology & Digital Channels CB DNB.

Modulize team
↳ Olav Ljosland (CTO), Lucas Carsten (CEO), Håkon Kalbakk (CCO)

The market and the sustainability element of Modulize were key for the jury decision. “They have a huge potential in two dimensions: large market in financial terms, where there is a need and potential for improvement with digital solutions and large impact potential due to the carbon footprint of the target industry.”, explained Arne Tonning, the head of the jury.

OIW 100 Pitches powered by DNB is a platform connecting impactful early stage startups with people that can help them. It’s the best place for founders to showcase their startup during Oslo Innovation Week.

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