InvestEU launched in Norway - opportunities for Oslo-based investors

Jan Christian Vestre Invest EU
From the launch in Oslo: Norwegian Minister for Trade, Jan Christian Vestre

Published by Oslo Business Region, 04 December 2023

Friday 24 November 2023, InvestEU was launched in Norway. InvestEU opens up significant opportunities in Europe for Oslo-based businesses in terms of capital, networking, and expertise.

A more resilient European economy

InvestEU, the EU's flagship financial initiative, invites collaboration from banks, financial institutions, and investors to co-finance European businesses. The European Commission guarantees up to 26.2 billion euros for InvestEU, aiming to mobilize 372 billion euros in investments by 2027. The program supports Europe's post-pandemic recovery, fostering a greener, more digital, and resilient economy while addressing emerging challenges.

Implemented through partners like the European Investment Bank, European Investment Fund, and Nordic Investment Bank, InvestEU deploys diverse financial instruments. Norway joined InvestEU on May 23, 2023, coordinating through Innovation Norway. This connection offers Norwegian companies access to capital, networks, and expertise in Europe.

Green and Digital Transition

InvestEU focuses on four key areas: sustainable infrastructure, research and innovation, small and medium-sized enterprises, and social investments. Norway participates in the first three, aligning with the needs of its businesses. The program also targets strategic initiatives like green and digital transition, addressing sectors such as batteries, hydrogen, microelectronics, and more. A minimum of 30 percent of investments will be dedicated to climate and environmentally friendly projects, contributing to the EU's climate goals.

More info

Text from Innovation Norway's website - the Norwegian coordinator - translated to English and shortened with the help from ChatGPT. You can find Innovation Norway's contact details and more info about the opportunity here.

Find the presentations and the video from the launch event here, including speeches from Norwegian Minister for Trade, Jan Christian Vestre and Paolo Gentiloni.