Full steam ahead at Aleap

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Aleap at Oslo Science Park

Published by Oslo Business Region, 16 September 2020

Aleap - the health tech co-working space in Oslo Science Park - is the largest innovation community in the Nordics that is 100% dedicated to health care, with a focus spanning the entirety of that field. At 52 members and growing, great news and new initiatives keeps coming. We checked in with community coordinator Hailey Hall to get a proper update.

What is happening at Aleap these days?

We are seeing so many great and innovative ideas in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Many entrepreneurs have been able to pivot and aim their talents and resources towards solving this massive global crisis.

What are you most excited about?

We are very excited about our Corporate Partner Program that we launched in the beginning of the year. With DNV GL and Helse Sør-Øst as partners we have opened up so many exciting opportunities for our members, and are looking forward to adding more partners to the program!
Health Tech is a major hot topic worldwide and we have seen a huge influx of startups knocking on our door since the beginning of the year. For the first time since we opened nearly 4 years we are at capacity and have had to expand both our team and our facilities. It is very exciting, as it has meant we have had to raise the bar for which teams are let through the door.

What makes Aleap different from other co-working spaces and hubs?

We are the largest innovation community in the Nordics that is 100% dedicated to health care, and our focus spans the entirety of that field. Aside from being the largest, the aspect that truly sets us apart is our community. Unlike an accelerator where companies are run through a set program in batches or a co-working space where you may be sitting next to your next collaborator but never know it; at Aleap we set the expectation that all our entrepreneurs must be dedicated to sharing their experiences and knowledge with the rest of our community. Each team that is brought in receives guidance and support that is tailored to address their current needs and geared towards achieving their next milestone. Between the support given by our business advisors and that of the community of entrepreneurs around them, our member companies find themselves in an environment that is not only meant to support but also to inspire.

Why is your relationship with Oslo Business Region important for Aleap and your community?

OBR does a fantastic job of facilitating connections across the innovation hub ecosystem in Oslo and provides a platform through events and workshops where we can share what we do and help shape what we want our ecosystem to be.