Hello Tøyen Startup Village!

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Tøyen Startup Village (photo: danielsenphoto.com)

Published by Oslo Business Region, 15 September 2020

Tøyen Startup Village joined the Oslo startup hub ”family” in 2016 – a unique public-private partnership in the middle of Tøyen, with co-working, event space and a Work Bar on the ground level of Tøyen Torg. As of March 2020 the office space is no longer run as a co-working community by Tøyen Startup Village. The Work Bar on the square is still a very popular place to work or just hang out for entrepreneurs, students and locals alike. And there are news to share! We had a chat with Philip Skopakov, who could give us an update.

What is happening at Tøyen Startup Village these days?

TSV is in a period of change. We will be rebranding and ultimately relaunching as Tøyen Kaffe & Bar. A cafe and bar, events space, concert venue, art gallery, pickup point for quality local produce and reception service – all in one. We are also investigating how we can provide relevant reception services to the startup community in a virtual way.

Next year, we will be welcoming new neighbours, Bydel Gamle Oslo (where Tøyen is located), into our building. The venue can be used for private meetings/events after hours - up to 25 guests in these times, 30 - 60 guests when Covid restrictions are not applied.

What are you most excited about?

We are expanding our offerings to include quality Norwegian producers of sweets, hot sauce, cured meats, cheeses, ice cream, non-alcoholic drinks, chocolates, and a range of the best Oslo coffee roasters.

Legacy continued in Gamlebyen

And, a bit further east in Gamlebyen, some of the TSV legacy is continued through the opening of beautiful new office spaces at Gamlebyen Loft.