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Oslo’s advantages as a compact region have been amplified by its success at physical transformation through densified locations, city-shaping cultural projects and a newly opened up waterfront. These have driven greater international recognition, and greater variety to its visitor economy and its appeal to talent. (From Oslo: State of the City)

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Oslo: State of the City 2020
The latest edition of Oslo: State of the City has a special feature on talent attractiveness. You will find that Oslo is attracting a growing number of next generation tech workers and is now the 32nd best city for entrepreneurs globally. Oslo: State of the City 2020 was made in collaboration with The Oslo Region alliance and Oslo Science City.
Oslo Innovation Week Damian Heinisch21
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Green Business Hub
Oslo was awarded the title of European Green Capital for the world’s most ambitious restrictions on cars in its city center and for its trajectory towards becoming the first major a city for innovation and startups?
Oslo Business Region Oslo International Profiling Strategy
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Oslo's International Profiling strategy
This strategy is an invitation to you, a key Oslo leader or citizen, to join a collective e ort to get the Oslo Region the international attention and recognition it needs and deserves.