Invest in Oslo - Mobility

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Published by Oslo Business Region, 15 December 2021

Dealroom Facts & Numbers

Three promising companies from Oslo:

  • Unacast: A human mobility data company committed to understanding how people move around on the planet. They have a total investment of €37m from investors including Investinor. Unacast was a finalist for the Innovation Award during Oslo Innovation Week 2021. (Photo: Kjartan Slette Co-Founder & COO, Unacast)
  • Xeneta: The leading ocean and air freight rate benchmarking and market analytics platform transforming the shipping and logistics industry with total funding of €51.9m.
  • Brim Explorer: The company’s silent electric and hybrid-electric passenger ships provide ocean excursions without noise or pollution. They offer sustainable boat tours in Oslo, Lofoten, Svalbard, and Tromsø. With financial backing from Katapult Ocean and We Are Human, Brim Explorer currently has two ship models and will be rolling out their third one in 2022.

Opportunities in Mobility:
Oslo has a leading mobility sector and is an exemplary compact city with easy access to green spaces and the ocean. In 2019, Oslo was the European Green Capital of the year, ranking #1 in eco-innovation and sustainable employment. There are increasing opportunities to invest in fast-growing sustainable sectors such as sustainable mobility. Oslo has emerged as a clear leader in decarbonization with an unprecedented global appetite for electric vehicles and the introduction of a car-free city center. The city continuously promotes the usage of electric vehicles and fosters an environment where innovative ideas within the mobility sector can be demonstrated. For instance, the Institute of Transport Economics and StartupLab Mobility have joined forces to establish a test arena for pioneering new solutions within urban mobility focusing on mobility-as-a-service.

Investment highlights:

The City of Oslo plans to invest around €1.1 billion from 2017–2036 to build new tram lines, including a new metro line from the city center. Norway has established the Pilot-T funding scheme which is designed to accelerate the application of novel, smart mobility solutions. The scheme provides support for developing and piloting technologies and business models with the potential to enhance the transport system of tomorrow by increasing mobility, improving safety and security, and reducing emissions.

Norwegian investment companies alongside international ones are constantly exploring investment opportunities within the mobility sector in Oslo and Norway. For instance, The Norwegian car subscription platform imove recently closed the Series-A financing round with €16 million from new and existing investors. Nysnø Climate Investments are new owners together with Europe’s largest online car marketplace, AutoScout24, amongst others. The platform will serve as a distribution channel for imove's electric car subscription, thereby making it possible to offer the Norwegian electric car experience to users in some of the largest car markets in Europe.

How do we support?

Oslo Business Region supports mobility through close contact and collaboration with the hubs and companies.

Evaluating projects that will provide value in the field, closing gaps and strengthen Oslo’s position both on a national and international level.