Oslo Success Stories

Photo: ReMarkable team

Published by Oslo Business Region, 04 September 2020

You may have browsed in Opera or quizzed in Kahoot! But did you know that these tech platforms are born and based in Oslo? The early movers are growing big, with many promising new ventures, like Scrimba, following suit. The landscape is constantly improving with better support and more experience, a healthy culture for sharing and paying forward in the form of mentoring, investing and giving back to the community. Check out some of our success stories!


Valued at 1.4 USD on the Merkur Market and with more than 1.3 billion active users globally, as of June 2020, the game-based learning platform Kahoot! is probably the best known Norwegian success story so far. Launched in 2013, headquartered in Oslo, with offices also in Hackney, London and Austin, Texas, Kahoot! has taken the world by storm “making learning awesome” through their quiz platform.

Iris AI

Iris AI uses artificial intelligence to provide research reading lists in less time and with and better precision – and much more as the company keeps growing. Established by Anita Schjøll Brede in 2015, the company raised $2.4 million in December 2017 and has companies from Denmark's Leo Pharma to the University of Helsinki on their customer list.


Wide-angle video meeting cameras, chosen by Google as the standard camera for the Google Hangouts kit. Founded in Oslo in 2014, Huddly have seen a massive growth over the past year. They now have more than 100 employees and are aiming for admission on the Merkur Market by mid-2021 at the latest. Huddly currently have customers in Europe, Asia, Australia and North America.


Spacemaker has developed AI technology helping users discover smarter ways to maximise the potential of a building site. Founded in 2016, they had grown to near 90 in Q2 2019, and now have offices in Oslo and Boston.

Opera Software

An early tech startup success from Oslo, that rapidly became a leading web and mobile browser platform. Founded in 1995, the Opera Software brand was sold to Chinese investors in 2016, went public on the NASDAQ in 2018 and currently have more than 360 million active monthly users.


A fast-growing edtech platform that helps you learn coding through interactive tutorials online. The company was part the Y Combinator program in 2020. Scrimba currently have 350 000 unique users, and are making profit. They are backed by Startup Lab, Nordic Makers and Alliance Venture.

No Isolation

Perhaps you have seen the little AV1 robot, allowing children that are prevented from attending school in person to still be part of the activities in school? The company behind the robot is No Isolation, founded by Karen Dolva in Oslo in 2015 to fight involuntary loneliness and isolation. They have also launched KOMP, a device making it easier for elderly people to stay connected.

ReMarkable (photo)

A true paper person, Magnus Wanberg, CEO and founder of reMarkable created with his team in 2013 a device that would offer a pure, paper-like experience, but be connected and limitless. A digital notepad that can be written on using a stylus and read like a tablet. It feels, looks and acts just like real paper.