Funding to increase activity and profiling of Oslo amid Covid-19

Published by Oslo Business Region, 08 June 2020

The City of Oslo has created a new grant to profile Oslo amid Covid-19. The goal is to promote Oslo as a safe destination and contribute to increase a safe use of the city's tourism, trade and offerings. Read more about this new funding here.

1. Purpose
This funding must contribute to increasing activity and profiling of Oslo as a safe and attractive tourist destination. All measures must comply with the national guidelines at all times related to virus prevention related to the corona. You can apply grants for:
· Profiling of Oslo as a safe destination
· Measures that contribute to increase activity and promote use of the city's experiences and attractions.
· Measures that contribute to increase use of the city's tourism, trade and services

2. Scope
Grants can be given to businesses located in the municipality of Oslo.

3. Economic framework
The financial framework for the announcement follows the Oslo City Council's decision for the revised budget for 2020. The City Council's proposed extraordinary grant allocation of NOK 10 million can be applied for in whole or in part of the grant framework.

4. Terms and conditions
Allocation of the grants are based on an assessment of section 1 and 4. The allocation must emphasize the professional level, quality of the project and fulfilment of goals for the grant.
When awarding grants, the following are emphasized:
a) That the measures promotes the promotion of Oslo City
b) That the measures contribute to the easily accessible information of residents and visitors
c) That the initiative contributes the safe use of the city's attractions and events
d) That the measure contributes increased use of the city's tourism, trade and services
e) Other measures that may be beneficial to the purpose of paragraph 1.
The City of Oslo notes that the EEA rules do not allow individual companies to be favored through public subsidies.
The funding cannot go to:
a) Measures that obviously do not meet the purpose of paragraph 1;
b) Measures that are already taken.

5. Deadline for application
Application deadline is 15.06.2020. Application must be sent to: with the subject “Application for grants to increase activity and profiling of Oslo”. Applications will not be processed until all documentation has been submitted..

6. Requirements for the application
The application must be in writing and signed by the applicant or the person who has the authority to oblige the applicant. The application must contain / enclose the following:
a) Application amount.
b) Description of the measure, including: the purpose, place and date / period of implementation.
c) Information about those responsible and overview of contributing partners.
d) Budget with financing plan - the budget must contain all expected expenses and expected income in connection with the measure. It must be clearly stated which other private and / or public funding sources for which funding has been applied for or received from, and the amount of funding.
e) Other information that the applicant believes is important for processing the application.
Triggering effect:
In addition, the application must state the triggering effect for the project. This means that the grant from the municipality must be decisive for the implementation of the project. When evaluating an application, it will be considered whether the support is absolutely crucial to initiating an activity or if it is not; how the support can help improve, or accelerate the activity.

7. Conditions after receiving the grant:
a) It must be clearly stated in the profiling or other announcement that the measure is supported by the City of Oslo
b) grants cannot be used for ordinary operations
c) The municipality must be notified if there are circumstances that involve changes in relation to the conditions set out in the application
d) reporting and accounting requirements, ref point 9. Separate accounts for the project are required for reasons of state aid rules.
The official decision behind this grant may set more conditions for the grant than is shown in the list above.

8. Payment of grants
The municipality will pay the grant to the bank account registered after receiving all the necessary documentation. Undertakings for grants will expire if the measure has not been initiated or required documentation for disbursement has not been submitted within the prescribed deadline in the letter of commitment.

9. Report and accounting
The project report and accounting for the use of the grant must be submitted no later than 6 (six) weeks after the end of the measure. Requirements for reporting and accounting follow from the general rules applicable to grant schemes of the City of Oslo at any given time, including instructions for the design of grant schemes in the municipality and the provisions set out in the municipality's annual financial regulations.

10. Control of the use of funds
The City of Oslo may require access and control of appropriated municipal funds. Beneficiary and recipients are obliged to contribute to such control, including relevant documentation, etc.

11. Expirations of grants and reimbursement
If the grant is based on incorrect information from the applicant, or the grant has not been used according to the conditions, including when stipulated conditions are not met, grants already paid and grants that have not been paid out can be recovered by the City of Oslo. The same applies if the grant recipient has not submitted accounts and reports within the stipulated deadline or when the accounts are not considered satisfactory.

12. Result and appeal
Decisions on grants and rejections of applications constitute individual decisions according to Section 2, first paragraph, letter b of the Public Administration Act. Notification of the decision must be made in writing and be justified.
Decisions may be appealed to the Oslo Municipal Appeals Board, cf. section 28, second paragraph, of the Public Administration Act. The complaint must be justified and sent to the municipality within three weeks from the time notification of the decision has been received to the applicant, cf. the Public Administration Act § 29 and § 32.